•  Curriculum (graduate level)
Number Title Description
KID5001 Advanced Developmental Psychology Advanced study of developmental psychology in relation to current theories and research.
KID5004 Developmental Neuroscience Study of brain and neurological mechanisms, and processes in human development.
KID5008 Advanced Studies of Socio-emotional Development Study of recent research on socio-emotional development, emphasizing research methods and new directions for socio-emotional development.
KID5013 Seminar on Current Issue in Child Psychology Study and appraisal of selected topics in child psychology in relation to specific theories.
KID5015 Seminar on Socio-emotional Development Review and analysis of theories and research in social and emotional development from infancy through adult and survey of related psychological processes.
KID5016 Seminar on Congnitive and Language Development Review and analysis of theories and research in social and emotional development from infancy through adult and survey of related psychological processes.
KID5018 Advanced Study of Typical Development Seminar on recent research in atypical development, emphasizing research methods and new directions for the atypical development.
KID5019 Advanced Study of Stress in Human Development Seminar on the stiology, developmental processes and coping systems of stresses experienced during lifespan development.
KID5021 Developmental Intervention Programs Study and appraisal of various developmental intervention programs with emphasis on the applications of the individual intervention.
KID5023 Advanced Early Childhood Curriculum Studies Understand the characteristics of the objective-oriented curriculum model and process-oriented curriculum model and figure out the meanings of curriculum factors such as educational objectives. contents, and teaching method, and evaluation. And compare the similarities and differences between school's curriculum and kindergarten's curriculum.
KID5035 Qualitative Research in Early Childhood Education Investigate of various qualitative research methods from a various of disciplinary perspective with intensive experience in collection, analysis, and reporting of data.
KID5037 Advanced Theory of Early Childhood Education Introduce to the theoretical foundation of philosophical, psychological, and social-cultural theories related to early childhood education and discuss the modern implications of these theories. In addition, review the recent theories influencing concepts and principles of early childhood education.
KID5043 Research Methods of Literature Education A course of examining the philosophical background and development of reader - response theory influencing on contemporary literature education. The focus is on reviewing research paper on literature education in kindergarten and elementary school setting.
KID5044 Language Art Education for Young Children Study of research on listening, speaking, reading and writing in early ages, emphasizing its application to language education for young children.
KID5045 Illustrations of Picture Books Understanding and appreciation of the process of the creation of the visual aspects of children's books, including the developmental process from preliminary sketches and/or storyboard to the published book; relationships to verbal texts; format and layout; various media and techniques; case studies of individual artists and works.
KID5046 Media Education for Primary and Elementary School Children Exploration of theories and practice of media education for 5-12 ages children with emphasis upon how to teach critical thinking and media literacy.
KID5047 Seminar on Children's Literature Exploration of issues related to children' literature and child education. The focus is on the influence of postmodernism on creation and research method of children's literature.
KID5050 Advanced Studies of Children's Book A Study of various factors influencing children's book publication from multi disciplinary approach.
KID5051 Literacy Education A study of literacy development theories and instructional program for literacy education from infancy to age 12.
KID5052 Reading Instruction Seminar A course for examining the most common issues related to reading instruction. The focus is on design and practice of reading instruction according to the genre and form of children's books and the age and reading level of a child reader.
KID5054 Worldview of Children's Literature A course for exploring the worldview which is reflected in children’s literature. Especially the focus is on comparing between Christian and secular worldview reflected in western children’s literature.
KID5055 Nonfiction Seminar The purpose of this course is to investigate the literary and artistic features of nonfiction as children's literature and its connection with primary and elementary school curriculum.
KID5057 Literature Education for Children A course for examining various approaches to literature education and evaluation criteria of children's books. The focus is on developing teaching method to promote children’s literary strategies.
KID5062 Play Theories Intensive analysis and review of the research on play theories and their application to early childhood education.
KID5064 Applied Behavior Analysis Principles of analysis of behavior. Characteristics of applied behavior analysis are presented: drect, daily measurement and the systematic investigation of important variables. Students are required to conduct one.
KID5065 Cognitive Behavior Therapy Comprehensive oveerview of the theoretical basis of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Principles and strategies of conducting cognitive behavior therapy program will be required.
KID5066 Seminar on Counseling Children Comprehensive and intensive study of major theoretical positions in counseling young children. Implications for research and practice will be discussed from an eclective context.
KID5067 Play Therapy Seminar Eclectic overview of play therapy designed to help children with school, interpersonal, and family problems.. Definition, characteristics, and types of play will be discuss as they relate to play therapy. Students are required to role play an actual play therapy session which will be peer-evaluated.
KID5068 Family Stress and Crisis Intervention Comprehensive preview of stress theory as it relates to family functioning and intervention. ABCX model will be the basis of the study of family stress and crisis.
KID5074 Seminar in Developmental Disability Understand the introduction of Developmental disability, the method of early screening and educational intervention to increase their abilities.
KID5076 Educating Exceptional Children Comprehensive overview of exceptional children. Early identification methods, assessment, curricula, parent involvement, program evaluation, and implication for education intervention for exceptional children are included.
KID5077 Family Therapy Comprehensive overview of family functioning and approaches to family counseling. Basic concepts and techniques in family therapy, communication, and growth relationship will be examined from an ecletic approach.
KID5081 Seminar in Exceptional Children and the Family Explore the developmental issues of the exceptional children within the context of the family and appropriate intervention approaches.
KID5082 Bibliotherapy Psychological and social maladjustment during childhood will be the focus of study. Use of therapeutic metaphors, story telling technique, and bibl
KID5083 Rights of the Child The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child will be the basis of this course. Children will be viewed as rights bearer and all areas of their lives will be discussed in relation to the CRC.
KID5084 Risk and Resilience in Childhood Reviews the concepts of risk and resilience in childhood. These concepts are examined through studying and evaluating intervention programs and longitudinal studies.
KID5085 Systems Model of Creativity Different models of creativity will be explored. The recent 'Systems Model' of creativity will be extensively discussed to find possible application to child study on creativity.
KID5086 Creative Approaches to Prolbem Solving A seminar for understanding the difference between general and creative problem solving process. By examining the Projet Spectrum. programs for enhancing creative problem solving will be developed.
KID5087 Advanced Creativity Development Program A Course for evaluating creativity development programs. Introducing different creativity development programs such as De Bono's Six Hats program anad exploring the possibilities of applying these programs to our children.
KID5088 Research on the Talented and Gifted The purpose of the course is firstly, to investigate developmental characteristics of the gifted children, secondly, to apply multiple intelligence theories to develop programs for the gifted, and finally, to construct test discriminating the gifed in defferent domains.
KID5089 Creativity and Flow A course for studying creativity & flow. Experiential Sampling Method will be used for this course.
KID5090 Psychological Tests for Children Study of theories of test construction, analysis of standardized tests, and practice of test administration and interpretation of the results.
KID5092 Seminar on Creativity Development 창의성의 정의에 대한 여러 가지 다른 접근방법을 이해하고, 창의성과 관련된 여러 가지 특징들이 유아 및 아동에게 어떻게 나타나고 발달되는지를 알아본다.
KID5093 Measurement of Creativity and Talent Constucting creativity and taltent measurement is the main goal of the course. By constructively criticizing relevant tests to date, base for developing tests for measuring creativity and talent will be provided. Special focus is on the development of tests for kindergarten enrolled children.
KID5095 Research Design A course for exploration the basic knowledge fo research design in construcing the individual research proposal. Practical knowledge of how to write a thesis is also provided.
KID5096 Advanced Statistics Study of quantitative analysis in child study with the emphasis on experimental design, sampling theory, randomization, analysis of variance.
KID5097 Development and Education of the Talented Children A course for exploring the developmental characteristics of the gifted children. After reviewing these characteristics, research on how to applying them to education is sought. The possibility of early and domain-specific education is also studied.
KID5098 Qualitative Methods in Child Psychology and Education Study of qualitative methodology of child study. Philosophical and theoretical background, kinds, and most recent development of the qualtative methodology are covered. Also, review of Korean academic literature using this approach is accompanied.
KID5099 Seminar on the Education of the Gifted and Talented A seminar course for learing theories and practices of the education of the gifted and talented and discussing the current situation and problems of Korean gifted education. Based on the dicussion, suggestions for enhancing the quality of education for the gifted will be provided by each students.
KID5100 Motivation and Emotion in Creativity A course for learning motivational and emotional correlates related to creative and talented achievement.
KID5101 Creativity and Culture Introduction to the relationship between creativity and culture. Major topics included creativity in the social context, 'systems model' and confluent theories of creativity. Examples of Korean creative achievement will be analyzed based on 'systems model'.
KID5104 Multivariate Data Analysis A methodology course for learning multivariate data analysis(MDA). After introducing elementary matrix algebra needed for MDA, students are introduced various MDA techniques such as MANOVA, regression analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, and structural equation model.
KID5108 Advanced Child Behavior Modification Intensive analysis of application of behavior modification priciples to various areas of behavior with emphasis on recently reported case studies.
KID5111 Multimedia Contents Development for Children Review recent HRI researches and implement acceptability and usability study of intellitent service robots serving children in their every day lives.
KID5113 Children's Literature and Intertextualism Study on features of postmodern literature and the way in which intertextuality as a main characteristic of postmodern texts reflects on chidlren's literature and pictrue books.
KID5114 Preparing for Thesis & Dissertation Research This class is to deal with advanced skills for writing a thesis and dissertation research. In particular, topics of conceptualization, writing research hypotheses, experimental design, statistical analyses, writing papers and references will be included.
KID5115 Art Education for Young Children This course focuses on recent theories and program development of art education including art, music, drama and movement in early childhood education settings.
KID5116 Seminar on the Policy of Early Childhood Education and Care National administration and social policy and recent trends of early childhood education and child care are discussed.
KID5118 Studies on Infant and Toddler Educational Program Theories and researches of programs for infants and toddlers are reviewed and appropriate model programs for infants and toddlers in Korea are developed and studied.
KID5119 Positive Psychology and Talent Development This course explores the relationship between positive psychology and talent development for developing both each students’ understanding of two most hot topics in contemporary psychology and their potential talents.
KID5120 Cross-cultural study of Creative Achievement This course compares factors conducive to creative achievement across cultures.
KID5121 Creative Character Education This course explores the goal, process, and cases of Creative Character Education which Korean Ministry of Education tries to take the initiative to enhance human capital of Korea.
KID5122 Cross cultural studies on early childhood education and care Comparative studies on historical aspects, current issue, policies, and practices of early childhood education and care in other countries.
KID5123 Current research trends in early childhood education Current research topics on early childhood development and education at the level of microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem.
KID5124 digital environment for young children Today's child is brought up in the omnipresence of technology. Cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development impact a child's ability to interact successfully with a digital environment. This course studies developmentally appropriate digital environments for young children.
KID5125 children and interactive media The main characteristic of a new media such as an internet, tablet PC, smart phone, and e-book) is high level of interactivity with a user. This course studies how to evaluate and design an interactive media to enhance young children's quality of life.
KID5126 Practicum of Media Literacy Education This course will provide an overview of media literacy education program for children aged 5-12 and an opportunity for 30 hours practicum in a public or private education setting supervised by media literacy practitioners.
KID5127 Comparative Study of Children's Literature Overview of children's literature in England, USA, Japan, Europe, and Korea in the past 100 years and understanding how social, economic, political and cultural elements of those societies have played a role in publishing children's literature.
KID5128 Preventing violence against children and adolescents Violence against children and adolescents is a serious societal concerns worldwide. The purpose of this course is to recognize the scope and extent of violence and the meaning of violence against children, and is to explore effective intervention measures and preventive methods in the ecological context considering interdisciplinary approach.
KID5129 Children/Adolescent Policy analysis and evaluation:Current issues The purpose of this course is to overview policies and services for children and adolescents including legislation, funding, programming, curriculum, and staffing. In addition, it is to familiarize the students of the basic principle and international standards to analyze and evaluate existing or proposed policies. Current issues will be addressed in this class including child abuse and neglect, poverty, mental health, etc.
KID5130 Topics and issues in children and adolescents Exploration of topics and issues in children and adolescents will be the focus of this course. Students will be required to develop and expand individual research for publications. Students will take part in related internship.
KID5131 Ethics in research with vulneralbe subjects The purpose of this class is to introduce the students to the ethics of human subject research. Ethical theories, principals and historical background will be addressed. Key issues in human subject research (informed consent for research participation, role and function of institutional review boards, ethical aspects of study design, and confidentiality) will be covered.
KID5132 Rights based approach to International Cooperation The purpose of this class is to familiarize the students of understanding Human rights, international cooperation and its importance. In addition, applicability of international human rights norms and standards in international cooperation will be explored. Students will take part in related internship.
KID5133 Developmental Psychopathology in Childhood and Adolescence Comprehensive overview of a developmental approach to psychopathology. Disturbances will be located within the traditional developmental periods of infancy, preschool, middle childhood, and adolescence.
KID5134 Practicum for child psychology This course aims to provide students with the opportunity of applying their theoretical knowledge of child development and psychology in education and intervention settings. Students can have opportunity to explore various kinds of careers in the field of child and adolescent psychology.
KID5135 Studies on Family Support and Parent Education for Young Children This course reviews the theories, the recent studies and the trends of parent education and family support, and develops the support programs for parent and family having diverse characteristics and needs.
KID5136 Seminar on Social and Emotional Development and Education for Young Children This course reviews the recent theories, research topics, and practices related to children’s social and emotional development, and develops teaching strategies and curricula in promoting children’s social and emotional development.
KID5137 Seminar on Math and Science Development and Education for Young Children This course reviews the recent theories, research topics, and practices in children’s mathematics, science, and technology development and develops teaching strategies and curricula in helping children learn mathematics and science.
KID5138 Studies on Early Childhood Education Programs This course compares and analyzes various models and approaches in early childhood education, and develops plans for day care centers and kindergartens program.
KID5139 Seminar on Parent-Child Relationship and Education This course examines the recent studies and trends of parent-child relationships and interactions and explores the implication for young children’s care and education.
KID5140 Studies on Early Childhood Teacher The course examines the theories and research for professional development of early childhood teachers, analyzes the recent issues and trends related to early childhood practitioners, and develops the way for developing professionalism.
KID5141 Studies on Strategies for Young Children This course introduces the various teaching-learning processes for young children and covers how to teach young children according to educational activities of teaching skills to improve the growth and development of young children.
KID5142 Seminar on Developing and Administrating a Child Care and Education Program The course examines and discusses the basic premise for administrating the early childhood program, the roles of the director both as a manager and a leader, and the issues related to the organization and management for a high-quality child care and education program.
KID5143 History of thoughts on early childhood education This course covers the ideas and thoughts influencing early childhood education of the famous philosophers through the ancient times to modern periods and reviews the educational implication of those thoughts to modern early childhood practice.
KID5144 Assessment and evaluation in early childhood education The main goals of this course are for students to understand, compare, and synthesize the key concepts and methods of assessment and evaluation on early childhood development, early childhood education program, and early childhood education institution and to study application of the evaluation results.
KID5145 Multicultural Youth Guided by various theoretical and empirical perspectives, this seminar attempts to understand the determinants of social risks experience by multicultural youth in Korea and other international contexts. Possible directions for future research will also be discussed.
KID5146 Academic Writing in Child Development The primary goal of this course is to provide tools and techniques for graduate students to write papers in an efficient way and to prepare them to publish in peer reviewed journals in the field of child development. Specific skills include professional writing, formatting, citation, reference, data management, graphical techniques, and research ethics.
KID5147 Comparative Adolescent Research This seminar focuses on identifying whether the definition and social role of adolescents, relationships with family, peers, and community are different or similar across cultures. The course reevaluates theories on adolescents from a cross-cultural and global perspective.
KID5148 Adolescent Risk This course examines the social contextual determinants of adolescent risk behavior including the family, peers, and community. Using a theoretical and empirical lens, this course attempts to understand various risk behaviors such as aggression, sexual activities, and academic problems in adolescence and investigates available policies and services.
KID5149 Adolescent Welfare This course covers the social, psychological, behavioral development of adolescents, as well as the organic relationships that are formed within families and social environments. Theoretical perspectives, policies, and intervention methods concerning the wellbeing of adolescents will be reviewed extensively. Evaluation of existing social policies and services on adolescent welfare will be followed by future directions.
KID5150 Understanding Adolescence This course examines the developmental characteristics (e.g., physical, cognitive, emotional, and personality) in adolescence and relevant theoretical ideas. Recent trends in adolescent research, as well as possible directions for future research will also be discussed.
KID5151 The Seminar on the Parent-Child Relations This class is to review various topics on the parent-child relation. In specific, parent-child attachment, temperament, behavior, genetics, parenting strategies, parenting value, and parent coaching will be reviewed in this class.
KID5152 Seminar on Learning and School Psychology This course introduces students to the principles and strategies of learning in home and school settings. Psychological mechanism for human learning and behavior will be reviewed. The following topics will be included: social learning theories, motivation and academic achievement, learning process in information processing model, problem-solving methods, school adaptation, and peer-supported learning. In particular, association among personality, motivation and leaning outcomes will be reviewed, and scaffolding, coaching, and learning strategies will be examined.
KID5153 Seminar on psychological testing and measurement of children and adolescents This course will introduce students to the understanding of principles of psychological testing of intelligence, personality, self-concept, and socioemotional ability. First, theories of assessment and diagnosis will be reviewed. Then, specific topics such as reliability, validity, errors, norms, standardization, and item response will be reviewed. Computer-based assessment method and ethical issues will be also reviewed.
KID5154 Cross-cultural studies of children and adolescents This class will introduce students with multicultural perspectives of the psychology of children and adoelescents. First of all, theories of cross-cultural study and research methods will be reviewed. Then, cultural differences caused by culture, ethnicity, and SES will be reviewed. In specific, topics include cross-cultural studies on intelligence, personality, attachment, socioemotional characteristics, parent-child relations, stress and psychological problems.
KID5155 Studies on the psychology of adolescents This class will introduce students with advanced levels of knowledge on adoelescent development and psychology. Life of adolescents will be reviewed in terms of lifespan development. Topics include physical and perceptual development, cognition aand emotion, social relationship, personality, problem behaviors and juvenile delinquency.
KID5156 Children’s memory and cognitive development This class will introduce students with knowledge on childern’s memory and cognitive development. First of all, information processing theory, neo-Piagetian theories, and contextualism will be reviewed. Topics include memory, informaiotn processing, memory strategies, meta-cognition, representation, knowledge based, social cognition,. attribution and referencing, and cognitive deficit problems.
KID5157 Seminar on educational psychology of children and adolescents This class will introduce students with knowledge on advanced levels of educational psychology on children and adolescents. First of all, theories of educational psychology and methodological techniques will be reviewed. Topics include educational psychology of infants, preschool children, school-aged children, and adolescents. In particular, recent publications and articles will be reviewed.
KID6001 Experimental Child Psychology Examination of experimental child studies and current research findings on social, cognitive, motoric and language development.
KID6002 Seminar on Research Topics on Early Childhood Education Search the possible topics to conduct researches in the field of early childhood education, find out research topic to contribute the academic development of early childhood education, and also improve the quality of early childhood professionals.