•  Curriculum (undergraduate level)
Number Title Core/Elective Description
KID2001 Development Psychology core Systematic overview of current knowledge concerning children's cognitive, language, social and emotional development.
KID2003 Introduction to Early Childhood Education core Understand the theoretical foundations of early childhood education and know the key concept, knowledge, and principle of early childhood education.
KID2004 Children's Literature core Children's literature has become increasingly important in today's childhood education. The primary purpose of this course is to cover educational theory and practice as well as children’s literature itself. It introduces how to appreciate and evaluate children's literature.
KID2005 Exceptional Children core Introduction to different categories of exceptionality, with emphasis on cause, characteristics, early diagnosis, and educational intervention.
KID2007 Observational Strategies for the Child Study core Identify developmental processes and tasks from birth through eight, and observe the developmental levels of each stage by means of various observational strategies.
KID2008 Basic Behavioral Statistics core Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics, including basic conceptsand interpretation of the data.
KID2017 Infant and Early Childhood Development core Introduction to psychomotor, cognitive, and social-emotional development of childhood from four through twelve years with factors influencing the development.
KID2018 Child and Adolescent Welfare core This course covers the social, psychological, behavior development of children and adolescents, as well as the organic relationships that are formed within families and social environments. Theoretical perspectives, policies, and intervention methods concerning the wellbeing of child and adolescents will be reviewed extensively. Evaluation of existing social policies and services for enhancing child and adolescent welfare will be followed by directions for future work.
KID2019 Adolescent Risk Behavior elective This course examines the social contextual determinants of adolescent risk behavior including peers, the family, and the community. Using a theoretical and empirical lens, this course attempts to understand various youth risk behaviors such as aggression, sexual activities, and academic problems and investigates available policies and services that can contribute to mitigating negative youth outcomes.
KID3001 Psychology of Adolescence core Introduction to the psychosocial, socioemotional, cognitive and moral development of adolescents with their interactions with peer, adults and the culture, and overview of problems associated with adolescent years.
KID3002 Behavior Modification of Children elective Study of basic principles of behavior modification and their application to guidance of various psychological and developmental problems in childhood.
KID3007 Atypical Development in Child and Adolescence elective Introduction to atypical development of child and adolescence in relation to normal cognitive and socio-emotional development.
KID3008 Parent-Child Relationships core Study of patterns and dynamics in parent-child relationships and attachment issues in contemporary perspectives. Including implications for parenting styls and intervention programs for child rearing practices.
KID3009 Parent Education elective Analyze the interaction of parent-child, parent-teacher, and the sequence of home and early childhood centers, and introduce the theoretical trends and the practical issues of parenting.
KID3012 Early Childhood Curriculum core Understand the components of a curriculum framework such as purpose, content, teaching methods, and evaluation, and introduce the structure and organization of Korean early childhood curriculum promulgated by the Ministry of Education.
KID3019 Music Education for Young Children elective Study of contemporary music education, theories and practice and its application to early childhood education settings.
KID3020 Literature Education for Young Children elective A study of educational and aesthetic value of children's literature and its use in early childhod education setting. The focus is on designing classroom library and the use of books and props for story telling.
KID3022 Childhood Media Education core Media literacy has been identified as one of the key 21st-century skills. In this course the term of 'media education' is used interchangably with 'media literacy education' The aim of this course is to examine not only what are the harmful media influences on children but also how to help children improve the critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate the messages conveyed by mass media.
KID3025 Clinical Child Psychology elective Introduction to the cause, characteristics, and treatment of childhood emotional/behavioral disorders. DSM Ⅳ classification system will be introduced.
KID3027 Education for Parents of Exceptional Children elective Different developmental disorders will be introduced, including cause, characteristics, and intervention aimed for parents with exceptional children. Parental styles and methods that will help parents of exceptional children through the adjustment phases will be reviewed.
KID3029 Psychotherapy for Children elective Application of theoretical approaches covered in the course "counseling for young children" to different clinical cases. Emphasis on behavioral therapy and play therapy.
KID3033 Development and Education of Creativity elective Three important topics on creativity are studied at this course. First, what is the definition of creativity? Second, what is the developmental characteristics of creativity? Third, how shoud education for enhancing creativity proceed? Cross-cultural data are compared based on most recent theories of creativity.
KID3034 Research and Evaluation of the Gifted and Talanted elective Introduce to the concept of child study and the scientific nature of child research, and develop the ability to evaluate program outcomes of day care centers and kindergartens.
KID3035 Psychological Assessment of Children elective Study of the construction, administration and scoring of psychological tests for children, with emphasis on practical application to the diagnosis of children.
KID3036 Thinking Skills and Creativity Development elective The nature of thinking processes will be explored in connection with creativity theory, expecially with the creative problem solving techniques.
KID3037 Education of the Gifted and Talented core Theories and pracices of education of the gifted and talented will be explored. Essential contents are first, how to define and evaluate the gifted and second, how are the current educational systems of the advanced contries in this area, third, what are the fundamental attitudes needed for the teacher for the gifted.
KID3039 Practicum elective This practicum will provide students with intensive teaching and child experiences in an officially certified facility.
KID3043 Early Childhood Teacher elective Acquire a desirable role and competency, teaching skill, and strategy of early childhood teacher, and make the desirable image of good teacher.
KID3045 Child Educare elective Introduce students to goals and characteristics of early childhood educare and review various types of programs and these managements in foreign nations.
KID3046 Teaching-Learning Methods for Young Children elective Introduce to the various teaching-learning processes for young children and learn how to teach young children according to educational activities of teaching skills to improve the growth and development of young children.
KID3047 Early Childhood Program elective Introduce to the various educational programs for young children and compare development background, characteristics, practice of the diverse early childhood programs based on the theoretical foundation. Also, evaluation methods and outcomes of early childhood programs will be reviewed.
KID3048 Children’s Mental Health elective Introduction to stress experienced by children in normal development in relation to their living environment and means of helping them cope with these problems.
KID3050 Child Rights core The purpose of this course is to familiarize the students of the meaning of childhood and about the rights of the child. The student will be able to understand the meaning of childhood, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the meaning of children's rights as they apply to all aspects of children's lives.
KID3051 Child Safety Management elective The purpose of this course is to learn about child health and safety. The student will be able to understand the characteristics of development in childhood, and learn about safety management. In addition, the student will study specific programs for child safety in several domains.
KID3052 Picturebook Writing elective The objective of this course is to write a picture book. To accomplish this objective, students will participate in paper review, interview and special lectures of picture book writers and illustrators and experience the whole process of picture book writing from topic selection to making a dummy book.
KID3053 Play Theories and Education core Study on the relationship between play and learning of young children. Survey of play development theories, patterns of play, and teachers' role facilitating children's play. Special focus on observation and evaluation of children's play in their daily lives including home, day care center and kindergarten.
KID3054 Language Education for Young Children elective Study on language development of young children and environment factors influencing language development. Focus is on understanding, designing and evaluating laugnage education program enhancing children's language acquisition at home and in early childhood education settings.
KID3059 Positive Psychology and Talent development elective Main topics of positive psychology such as leadership, creativity, social intelligence, vision, passion will be explored. The working mechanism of those virtues and character strength found during the exploration will be applied to students to enhance their creative potential as a global leader.
KID3060 Science Education for Young Children elective Study contemporary science education theories for young children and design an appropriate science curriculum in early education. Program development and practice at the early childhood education settings are required.
KID3061 Child and Adolescent Counselling elective This course will identify characteristics of childhood and adolescence. Issues confronting development and problems commonly faced during this developmental period will be reviewed. Basic principles, theories of counselling, and techniques of counseling will be reviewed and applied to various problems facing children and adolescents in the modern world from a rights based approach.
KID3062 Child Cognition & Emotion elective The topics of this course include children's intelligence, memory, reasoning, representation, emotion express & emotion regulation. In addition, emotion intelligence and executive function of brain are discussed.
KID3063 Infant Development elective This class focuses on the physical and neuropsychological development of children from infant through early childhood. Topics in the classes also include medical approach of child birth, child caring strategies, intervention programs for infants with premature birth or low birth weight.